Vietnamese massage Therapies

Vietnamese massage by Hans de Back


120 minutes


€ 80,-

Experience the magic of indulgence, vitality and ultimate relaxation with this Vietnamese massage. It is based on hand pressing and arm stroking techniques, performed in an empathic manner, in which the masseur does not decide on your behalf, how deep or intense the massage should be, but instead listens and tunes-in to your bodily needs on that particular moment and responds accurately. Than you feel heard, respected and glorious.

Vietnamese massage is performed in a nicely warmed room, using pure aromatic massage oil all over the body, treating you as a whole, not divided into parts. The long and lingering movements on the entire body feel like a tender caress. It is immersion in full bliss.
The major lesson from this Vietnamese massage is: be generous to yourself.

Vietnamese massage starts on the back of your body and last about one hour-and-a half.