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Sound Massage

Sound massage by Hans de Back

The Tibetan singing bowls originate from the Himalayan mountains and are used there primarily by shamans during their harmonising rituals, by monks for their voice training exercises and ritual offers, as well as by the local people who eat and more »

Vietnamese massage

Experience the magic of indulgence, vitality and ultimate relaxation with this Vietnamese massage. It is based on hand pressing and arm stroking techniques, performed in an empathic manner, in which the masseur does not decide on your behalf, how deep more »

Rhythmic massage

Rhythmic massage has been developed by Hans de Back, using gentle hand tap, sliding and grasping techniques in order to create a sensation like tap-dancing hands & fingers over your entire body.It is based on rhythmic improvisation, using more »

Overcome Your Exam Nerves

A Hans de Back sound massage is enough to help you overcome your exam nerves. I am absolutely positive that this will help you pass your exam and will therefore guarantee the cost of 1 sound massage and pay immediately more »