Neck Massage Courses

Intensive Neck-massage Course by Hans de Back

Workshop Duration

3 days


€ 150,- per persoon/ per day


Private lessons. Max 2 persons

Neck Massage

The widely known and well-tried method of neck-massage invented by Hans de Back is simple but effective, using gentle massage, grasping and rotation techniques. With attention and care of exceptional quality mobilized throughout the session, it creates for the client an absolute feeling of unequalled comfort and confidence.

In order to provide the neck with the possibility to develop its full potential of mobility, breathing techniques are also associated to the endeavour as well as the immediate feedback of the client.

Another dimension of the course deals with the masseur’s bodily postures, empathy, qi and techniques of self-treatment for ensuring her/his own well-being and eliminating her/his own neck stiffness. Also included are the limits of these methods as shown by experience.
The course is open to all, the general public and professionals as well.

Demonstrations of the techniques are of course dealt with, but the primary accent lays on the practice. Since it is a step-by-step intensive method of learning, you have the techniques in your fingers, not on paper or in your heads.

So it is strongly advisable to abstain from note-taking during the demos as well as during the practice. All your attention must be centred on the massage techniques, your own posture, bodily language and breathing. Some note-taking during the last session will be quite sufficient.