Overcome Your Exam Nerves Therapies

How To Overcome Your Exam Nerves


90 minutes


€ 70,- No Cure No Pay!

A Hans de Back sound massage is enough to help you overcome your exam nerves. I am absolutely positive that this will help you pass your exam and will therefore guarantee the cost of 1 sound massage and pay immediately if the examiner does not decide in your favour. NO CURE, NO PAY! A € 70,- investment holding no risk at all. If you are not prepared to spend € 70,- on yourself, then you can keep your € 70,- and your exam nerves!

Gaining a diploma, a license or a permit is evidence of recognition and capacity. It is often a struggle to achieve recognition and if this recognition is also blocked by exam nerves, then an exam day becomes a source of stress and desperation instead of the liberating conclusion. A sound massage from Hans de Back within 2 days before an exam will relieve you of this problem. It would be an exaggeration to state that by having a sound massage you become an oasis of tranquillity and confidence or gain a source of inner wisdom or creative power. A sound massage will indemnify you against tension block and the inability to perform, so that you are able to remember what you have learnt in the correct form and sequence and are capable of executing the right steps at the right time, irrespective of the circumstances. The difference between desperation and recognition is just 1 sound massage.
That which enraptures and liberates is not down to the step you venture.