Hans de Back

Sound Theraphist and more

Hans de Back has followed a course in England for Esoteric Psycotherapy as well as a course at instructors' level in Visual Re-education. Shamanism initiation received from East European and Native American shamans.

Since 1983 self-educated on the front of singing bowls, gongs, etc. Founder of the guild for Reform of the Way of Thinking The Health Angels. Hans de Back at this moment is one of the leading authorities in sound therapy in Europe.

Besides sound massages, he also gives demonstrations, workshops, master classes, concerts and is actively involved in group projects over the whole world combining dance, film, verbal art, readings and martial arts. There are 13 CD´s available of his own compositions, performed by Hans de Back. There is also a book about Singing Bowls available in stores now.

Tibetan Singing Bowl
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