Goodwill & Skill

Reform the world, start with yourself!

Good Morning,
It is with real pleasure that I am including you in an attainable “reform the world, start with yourself” project.
According to Old Dutch tradition this project must be absolutely free of any cost.
The intention of this project is viable for every single person from all denominations. This is how it works:

You have various talents, experience and know-how at your disposal. You make a choice from this range of possibilities to pass on to someone you want to help. This transfer of knowledge is free but not for nothing. It is compulsory for the recipient to share their talent, experience or know-how with someone-else. The other person is also then obliged to pass on their talent, experience or know-how with someone-else, and so on. It is not necessary to convey the same information you have received. The choice in transference of knowledge is up to the donor.

There is no 'storage life' to the time in which this transference must be made. It is not a rush job as long as you don’t take your time.
It is all about helping one person using your talent, experience or know-how and so as not to bring any discomfort to this person, they then do the same for someone-else, who then does the same for someone-else, etc.
We therefore set up a chain of Goodwill & Skill.

It is not my intention to channel this project through your address file to gain publicity, as it would probably then just remain "a good idea". This is a good idea that begs to be carried out. You must know someone in your circle that you could do a real favour using your talent, experience or know-how. A smiling face is priceless and looks good on everyone, including you.
Please don’t let me hold you up any longer in your undoubtedly busy and fruitful activities.