Discovering Sound Courses

A playful workshop for children between ages 6-12 years


2,5 / 3 hours


€ NT$ 3600 (class in Taipei)



This workshop Discovering Sound is a playful journey for children between ages 6-12 years, whereby singing bowls and different kind of gongs will be the instruments that you will discover on this journey and learn how to use them in a playful way.

You will discover and learn how to create the sounds coming from
the singing bowls by rubbing them with special rubbing sticks and tapping them with a suitable mallet or by using your fingers.

Also for the gongs are special rubbing sticks and mallets to perform all kind of sounds.

After you have learned to produce a stabile sound, you will discover which sounds are sounding harmonious together. You can try to copy the sounds with your voice and what kind of sound you can make with your voice that is suitable to add to all these sounds.

After that you will draw. Which colors pop up in your mind and what kind of shapes do you see when you listen to the sound. It is an invitation to express your feelings without hesitation.

Certain sounds can invite you to make movements. See if you dare to move freely, without paying attention of what other children do or might think of it. If it makes it easier for you to move around with your eyes closed, you are free to do so.

The goal is not how beautiful you can draw or move, but that you feel good about yourself and obliged to express your feelings in different ways.

I can make this workshop Discovering Sound also suitable for ‘children’ between ages 20-100 for the group price of    ………………………………………...NT$  6100.
It’s so lovely to feel the young child in you so vivid and present.